"Eliot - le génie de L'Isle" Assembly of a floating dragon for the Festival of Art and Water in Périgueux


"Eliot - le génie de L'Isle" The dragon in place waiting to go


"Eliot" detail of the dragons head The dragons head is its most impressive and ecological feature. A solar panel drives a water pump which fills the head with water, and when full, it tips and the water gushes out. The video was made in the studio where Philippe built the dragon.


"Roi Ibis et Reine Ibis" Animated sculpture - a mating dance - the current that animates them passes when their beaks touch.




"Cupidon" A flying monstrous cupid.


"Pendule" . A self winding pedestal clock - watch the pendulum


"Ventilo Sylvain " A commissioned sculptural ceiling fan - shown being tested and then in place over the double volume.


"Bleu Volant" . Recurrent motif in his paintings, in mobile three dimensions.